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High-Quality Business Storage


Our business storage units are ideal for small business owners, sales reps, resellers, retailers, manufacturers, and any business that requires a storage facility. Whether you need to rent out a small storage unit whilst you move from one office to the next, a larger unit to hold your stock, or any alternative, you can rely on Cash Cow Storage to help. With several sizes to choose from, we are confident that we have the ideal option for you.


We understand that managing a business is no easy feat. You complete one task and another two appear from nowhere. This is why we strive to make your storage access as easy as possible. To do this, we have created several different options to guarantee a flawless experience, whether it’s with our team or on your own following our four easy steps to rent online and move in contact-free.


Package Deliveries


Rather than having to make deliveries from your office/home to your storage, we can take care of deliveries for you. Simply have your packages sent directly to your unit. Our team will be on hand to claim the package and place it in your unit until you need to pick it up. We will also provide you with an email letting you know when we have received the package and where we have placed it in your unit. It’s that simple!


Office Area is Your Office Area!


If you need to complete some work whilst you’re at our storage this is no problem at all. Simply sit back and take a seat in our office area. Here you can treat yourself to a fresh coffee and get back to your work without having to make too many trips to and from the office. It’s a win/win!


Shelving Options


All our business storage units come with shelving options to guarantee you get the most out of your storage space. These shelves can be used to organize your items for when you need them, or simply to maximize the number of items you can store at a single time. With everything lined up and in your view, it certainly enhances convenience, assisting you in finding what you’re looking for in a timely manner.


Individual Lighting & Electricity


If you require a storage facility with electrical outlets we can help. Talk to the Cash Cow Storage team about your requirements and we will provide you with several comprehensive options to make certain we can help.


Loading Docks


If you’re expecting a considerable shipment of inventory, we can help with the unloading process. Our storage loading docks can be booked to accommodate for large trucks, allowing your delivery and unloading process to go as smoothly as possible.


Transport Connections


If you require a delivery but you are having trouble with your supplier, or you don’t yet have one, we can help. We have connections with several well-known transport companies who can deliver directly to your storage unit. We can connect you with them directly or organize the delivery for you so that you can focus on managing your business. No matter your preferences, we will make sure the work is completed as smoothly as possible.


If you’re interested in our business storage facilities, drop our team a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know how we can help. 

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